Toyota Hilux

Harga OTR Toyota Hilux

 HILUX SINGLE CABIN 2.0 M/T                      254.750.000
 HILUX SINGLE CABIN 2.4 DSL M/T                      273.250.000
 HILUX SINGLE CABIN 2.4 DSL 4×4 M/T                      364.050.000
 HILUX DOUBLE CABIN 2.4 E (4X4) DSL M/T                      412.950.000
 HILUX DOUBLE CABIN 2.4 G (4X4) DSL M/T                      444.550.000
 HILUX DOUBLE CABIN 2.4 V (4×4) DSL A/T                      491.350.000
 HILUX DOUBLE CABIN 2.4 E-RTS (4X4) DSL M/T                      421.750.000





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